Saturday October 19th 2019 ~ 1:30pm - 4:30pm Revive Your Pelvic Floor
Vancouver, BC @ The Path Yoga Centre
A weak connection to the pelvic floor leads to a depletion of vital energy and contributes to pelvic misalignment. Revive your pelvic floor through awareness, connection and strengthening exercises, to improve function, increase vitality and promote ease in your lumbar spine.

Sunday October 27th 2019 ~ 1:30pm - 4:30pm Your Spine Is Your Lifeline
Vancouver, BC @ The Path Yoga Centre
Unravel tension in your spine and deepen your sense of well being through gentle breathing practices and BackMitra sequences. This workshop provides a practical anatomical overview as well as a practice of postures to promote ease and balance.

Sunday November 24th 2019 ~ 1:30pm - 4:30pm Embody Your Breath
Vancouver, BC @ The Path Yoga Centre
Understand the inter-relationship of your three diaphragms and more fully embody your breath. Through experiential anatomy, inquiry and gentle practice, this workshop will increase your breath capacity, offer take home tools for self regulation & awaken your reverence for breath.

Sunday December 15th 2019 ~ 1:30pm - 4:30pm Remember Relaxation
Vancouver, BC @ The Path Yoga Centre
Through restorative yoga, breathing inquiry and yoga nidra unwind holiday stress and reset your nervous system. This workshop offers simple take home tools for the demanding days of December; take an afternoon out, to go inward and support your experience of ease & joy!

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$63 (incl GST)

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An afternoon of Inspiration, Transformation and Education

Through gentle breathing practices and BackMitra sequences, these workshops will unravel tension in your spine and bring space into your whole body. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, you will re-discover your spine! Especially with hours at the computer, the natural curves of the spine are compromised and the back and hips become stiff. As a result, the neck tightens and carries tension, and the shoulders roll forward straining the back further. In this rounded back posture the chest collapses and the lungs are compressed, contributing to shallow breathing which creates more stress. This workshop is not only an effective way to reduce stress, but also alleviates back strain and pain and increases your breath capacity.

In all of Sharon’s workshops you will find yourself on an inner journey, eloquently guided with detailed roadmaps into the intricate miracle of your body. Her dulcet tones weave an energetic space infused with poetry, breath and movement. She is a warm-hearted, curious and nurturing guide to the enriching experience of yoga. Here’s what her students have to share about their experience:

“What I most enjoyed was the richness and fullness of the workshop. If I was to use one adjective to sum up your workshop, I would say "multi-dimensional". Your looking-at-it-from-many-different-angles approach not only engaged me physically but also my intellect, senses, emotions, curiosity, and sense of wonder were fully involved. The holistic way appeals to so many parts of me; it inspired me to want to explore and learn more!” Joan Tyldesley
Interested in engaging the whole person, Sharon creatively blends the teachings of:

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Mindful Breathing Inquiries
  • BackMitra Sequences
  • Tensegrity Repair Series
  • Asana (posture) practice of Hatha Yoga.

Yoga therapy is an intelligent way of practicing yoga which integrates the inward journey of cultivating awareness with an in-depth study of the multi-dimensional aspects of being human. We investigate the body as a gateway to the more subtle experiences of inner life, and embark on an endless journey of discovery and learning. Through an understanding of anatomy and physiology we establish not only an embodied connection, but also a profound appreciation of our miraculous form. As we awaken the intelligence of the body, we enter into the realm of the mind, emotions and spirit and have a direct experience of the aliveness of our multi-dimensionality. Yoga therapy is a creative and holistic approach to practicing and teaching yoga that provides a comprehensive scope of skills and tools to attend wellness. Paving the way to wholeness, yoga therapy is the profound art and science of healing.

Mindful breathing inquiries are a gentle approach to becoming more intimate with breath and to unifying the body and the mind. Unlike the controlled and at times vigorous practices of traditional pranayama, working gently with the breath establishes awareness to what is really happening. As breath is such a powerful link to life, a bridge between the body and the mind, it is essential to discover our own rhythm and relationship through gentle inquiry. Most often what we discover as we learn to pay attention, are all the ways we hold and restrict the fullness of breath. Donna Farhi brilliantly shares this passage to describe our relationship with breath:

“The oscillation of breathing is a perfect mirror of the fluctuations of life. Life is like a swinging pendulum, some changes bringing with them difficulties and pain and other changes bringing with them ease and joy. If we are open to this process, life will move us. If we are unable to integrate life’s changes, we begin to resist by restricting our breath. When we hold the breath and try to control life or stop changes from happening we are saying that we do not want to be moved. In those moments our desire for certainty has become much stronger than our desire to be dynamically alive. Breathing freely is a courageous act.”

The most simple and powerful way you can Improve your health and support longevity is expanding your breath capacity. By approaching the breath with ease, the intelligence of the body-mind brightens and disordered breathing patterns dissolve.
The BackMitra is an ingenious tool to promote a felt sense of the spine. The pressure of the foam strip in various positions on the spinal column invites a release into gravity allowing muscular tension to melt. Less tension equates to more ease and mobility and paves the way to relaxation. Click here to read more

Developed by Gioia Irwin, the Tensegrity Repair Series is a meditative sequence of movements designed to promote grace and ease. Based on the anatomical and energetic network of the body, the Tensegrity Series encourages an even tone throughout the fascial web of the body, promoting overall strength, flexibility and function. Click here to read more.

Recognized as a stress reducing practice Hatha Yoga is a comprehensive study of the body, mind and spirit. In the West, the physical aspect is emphasized with the practice of asana, or postures, having become main stream. In workshops we explore the movements of the spine through simple postures sequences that support both vitalizing and relaxing the body.