Tensegrity Workshops

Next Tensegrity Workshop: Mexico City – February 16-17

In Vancouver:  June 2013 (exact date TBA)

Developed by Gioia Irwin, the Tensegrity Repair Series is a meditative sequence of movements designed to promote grace and ease. Based on the anatomical and energetic network of the body, the Tensegrity Series encourages an even tone throughout the fascial web.

Benefits include:

  • Increased overall strength
  • Awakened sense of core connection – both abdominal and spinal
  • Fluid connection limbs to core and core to limbs
  • Deepened capacity to rest back
  • Optimized mobility and flexibility
  • Promotes stability in the 8 major joints (ankles, knees, hips and shoulders)
  • Enlivened sense of embodiment
  • Sense of wholeness

One of the three networks of the body, (vascular and neural being the other two) the facial network or web has garnered a great deal of attention in the past few years. New understandings are emerging as to the importance and function of this network, supported by such remarkable practitioners and educators such as Thomas Myers and Gil Hedley.

The term was coined by Buckminster Fuller as a contraction for the architectural term tensional integrity. This structural principle based on the use of isolated components in compression inside a net of continuous tension in such a way that the members (in our body the bones) do not touch each due to the “prestressed tensioned members” (in our body the fascia) creating a system spatially. In other words our bones are supported in this matrix of fascia that connects us skin to core and head to toe.

The basic series is carried out using two props: a wooden block under the pelvis and a dowel between the hands. In a supine position, the wooden block promotes connection to the sacrum and pelvis and helps to maintain the natural inward curve in the low back. The dowel held between the hands helps us to connect endpoint to centre – hands to heart, and develop a felt sense of our arm-lines.  

Gioia has been developing this body of work for more than a decade. In constant evolution, the practice is profoundly beneficial to beginner and advanced practitioners.

Videos links coming soon.

The workshop focus is teaching the entire tensegrity repair series. We will review the myofascial trains as described by Thomas Myers as a mapping of connection to explore within the movements. We will also inquire into the breath, awaken and nourish the belly breath and explore working with ease.