SHUC Vancouver

Shaughnessy Heights United Church (in the Hall)

1550 West 33rd Avenue Vancouver, BC


Monday Evenings  5:30 – 7pm  Dynamic Synthesis of Yoga Practices

Classes run September 9th through December 16th 2019

No class Thanksgiving October 14th


Wednesday Evenings  5:00 – 6:30pm  Gentle Therapeutic Classes

Classes run September 11th through December 18th 2019

Harmonizing the nervous system, this gentle class is safe and slow moving; students are supported to work at their own level. Through conscious breathing and allowing the body to be, tensions soften and awareness awakens. This therapeutic approach to yoga induces the relaxation response and  invokes tranquility at every level. 

Purchase a Class Pass:


 Unit Price:  Total including GST: 
 Session Cost Mondays  14 classes (@$18/Class)    $264.60
 Session Cost Wednesdays

 15 classes (@$18/Class)

 Monday &/or Wednesday  8 classes (@$20/Class)  $168.00
   10 classes (@$18/Class)  $189.00
 Monday &/or Wednesday  5 classes (@$22/Class)  $115.50
 DROP IN RATE    $25 per class


These 90-minute classes are a creative assimilation of practices to awaken the spine and strengthen the core. Educational and inspiring, teachings explores breath as the foundation of the practice, include a short tensegrity sequence to connect to the midline and promote right effort, a yoga therapeutic component often using the backmitra and a vinyasa (flow) to invigorate the whole body. The focus of the class may include opening the hips, or finding your feet, or connecting to your organs. Modifications are offered in the asana (posture) practice and students are supported to work at their own level.