Nelson Retreat

Retreat CentreMore and more women are running on empty. Pursuing career success, taking care of family, home, and attending to relationships leaves us with little energy or capacity to care for our health and deeper soul needs.

This five day retreat is a powerful step in creating and reclaiming your authentic woman's way of being. Through a sacred honouring of women as sisters and our shared experience, we are empowered to unwind the habits and beliefs that trap us in a pattern of busyness.

Using restorative yoga, breathing practices, deep listening, mindfulness, inner exploration, experiential exercises and a circle of healing, you will be held in a way that welcomes you back into the deeper ground of your being. When the wisdom of your body is accessed and honoured, your truth-sense and intuition is more available. Established in a felt sense of the body, boundaries are clearer and more easily held around what we want to say "yes" to and "no" to.

Now more than ever, the world we are living in beckons us to reclaim our wisdom, and live from the balanced centre we hold when our feminine way of "being" informs our "doing". Join us as we reawaken the ground of love within and open to a vaster field of essence...

Be nourished by the beauty of the mountains, wholesome food and deeply attending yourself. Enjoy a massage!


Be Nourished by:

  • Energizing Morning Yoga
  • Ancient Guided Meditation of Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation
  • Nature Walks
  • Organic Loving Food
  • Sitting & Walking Meditations
  • Personal Time
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Healing Circles & Conversations
  • Therapeutic Yoga for the Hips & Spine
  • Inquiry Practice & Writing
  • Unwinding the Nervous System with Restorative Yoga in the Evening
  • A Soulful Rejuvenation

Join Sharon Abbondanza & Yogita Bouchard
September 16th - 21st 2017

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“Mountain Waters Retreats is such a wonderful special place. The retreat revived my soul; it’s like my heart has been hugged and sang to for 5 days. My body awakened and I reconnected with a spiritual side of myself I’d had neglected for some time. I so appreciated the teaching from both Yogita and Sharon - so genuine and authentic. The retreat was awesome and I will join you again.” Pauly S

“ I loved the flow of water ever present. The yoga practice with Sharon was inspirational and set the stage for calm reflection. The retreat opened me to my inner joy, reconnecting me to nature and the earth. Yogita’s heartfelt teachings touched me deeply – I feel more aligned body, mind and spirit. Thank you for accommodating my dietary needs ~ See you again!” Elizabeth P

"Amazing Retreat! The food was prepared with such love, generosity and kindness. I felt completely nourished. I have been so touched by the whole experience: the tremendous willingness of both Yogita and Sharon to be open and vulnerable, share ancient teachings in a pertinent informative way, allow things to unfold in harmony with the group, and create a safe space for the group to share authentically. The experience was enriching deeply moving and transformative. Thank you Thank you Thank you." Azmina

“The retreat was a perfect balance between yoga, meditation, silence, conversation, inside/outside time, theory and practice…The facilitation was so genuine and heart centred. I felt safe to share with the other women and be open and learn and grow in ways not planned or expected. Yogita is gentle, rich in experiential knowledge; It was a privilege to gain insight from her teachings. Sharon is a grounded and inspiring teacher; I am grateful to learn from her. The setting is beautiful and I know I will value this retreat for a long time to come.” Sarah


Sharon Presenting 2

Pauly with drum