I have felt so blessed and guided along this path. My initial explorations as a practitioner started back in `79 when I had an extraordinary experience of expanded consciousness in a guided meditation class. Cracked open, I decided to leave University and travel to India to learn about yoga and meditation.

The river of my journey was deep and wide and not all pleasant. I had some alarming wake up calls along the way and I experienced some remarkable encounters. There are many that have influenced my path and my teaching.

I am grateful to Janice Clarfield who ignited a spark to teach. After attending her classes and feeling such a deep peace I recognized my calling. She was a beautiful inspiration, pointing me in the right direction.

I then plunged into a teacher training with Sandra Sammartino. Months into studying with her, I was asked to teach for Yoga Outreach in the Prison system. I think it is called Trial by Fire. Teaching hostile troubled youth was very intense. I learned a great deal about myself and my regard for yoga deepened immensely.

Between then and now, I have had the privilege of studying with masters teachers…Women who have dedicated their lives to the path and who wholeheartedly continue to share the teachings of yoga. I am deeply grateful for:

Sandara Sammartino for her beauty of embodying spirit

Leila Stuart for her in-depth knowledge of Yoga Therapy and teachings on gentleness and experiential anatomy

Brigitte Longueville for her devotion to the path and comprehensive teachings on the spine

Gabryel Harrison for her poetry and her gift of The Intuitive Path

Swan for her wisdom, generosity and teachings on mindfulness and the art of teaching

Gioia Irwin for her profound sensitivity, teachings on tensegrity and her practice of fluid ease

shakti Mhi for being a catalyst to let go

Esther Myers for her clarity  and teachings on right effort

Elizabeth Clare Burr for her joy and teachings of Naad Yoga