Inspiring Yoga

When I realized I wanted to teach and began to formally study, the name, Inspiring Yoga,  arose and I knew immediately it was right. When I more deeply investigated the meaning of inspire/inspiring/inspired I was so fill with enlivening…to draw forth…to inhale…to affect, guide or arouse by divine influence…

Indeed the name reminded me of the mystery and wonderment of life.

I am on this path to be enlivened, to clear whatever is in the way of living fully with courage, clarity and love. I am on this path to develop my inner life, to establish a resilient rapport with my inner reservoir and draw forth the wisdom and compassion from within. I am on this path to practice presence, breath by breath, to embody consciousness and unify the body and the mind. I am on this path because it attunes me to a vast reality, helping me to get out of my own way and teaching me how to live lightly from the depth of my soul.

Inspired by my practice and continued studies, my mission is to inspire others along their personal paths of discovery and healing and offer tangible tools to use in daily life and in difficult times to nourish the body, heal the heart and train the mind to be steady and clear.