BackMitra Prop

No matter the style of yoga you practice, the BackMitra is complimentary.                     

An ingenious foam strip becomes an effective device designed to release tension in the spine while increasing mobility, flexibility and health. The BackMitra is not like anything you have ever experienced! Created by Brigitte Longueville in collaboration with Guy Hamaekers, the BackMitra is effective, safe and simple to use, and facilitates significant release through all the layers of the back body.

Patanjali said, “Yoga is the Relaxation of Effort.”

The BackMitra invites a direct felt experience of your bones to promote a profound release into gravity allowing muscular tension to melt. Less tension equates to more ease, optimizing mobility and inducing relaxation. Using this prop regularly supports practicing yoga from the inside out.

Back MitraThe BackMitra is versatile, light and travels easily anywhere!

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