INSPIRING BREATH (Tuesday Evenings in November)

Inspiring Breath is a 4 week program to vitalize the power of breath in your life. We will build foundational skills to increase our respiratory capacity, investigate the science of breath and explore simple pranayama practices to refine self regulation and cultivate harmonic resonance.

Mapping your cycle of breath, you will discover your personal breathing patterns and learn how to transform holding tendencies that create tension. We will examine the Autonomic Nervous system and learn how to work with conscious breathing rhythms as a way to energize, calm or balance our inner state of being.

Breath is our link to life offering a profound moment by moment experience to RE-source ourselves. This comprehensive 6 hour program is an innovated exploration bridging physiology and anatomy with somatic sensing, awakening a deeper connection to body, breath and spirit.

New and Experienced Practitioners Welcome

Enliven Your Breath; Empower your Life!

Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm
November 16, 23, 30 and December 7 2021
Cost: $88 + GST = $92.40
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Learn the science of Yoga Nidra and enjoy the benefits of profound relaxation to support your experience of wholeness. Through various techniques, we explore breath and the body, intention and awareness, to cultivate connection between body, mind and soul. Shifting from thinking and doing into feeling and being, we refine our inner sensing and attune to subtle levels of awareness.

Everyone can benefit from this ancient practice. Creating a warm nest of comfort, we lie down supported and settle into the guided meditation practice.

Whether we want to balance the nervous system, harmonize our inner body, or access deeper dimensions of consciousness, Yoga Nidra is fertile ground for our return to wholeness.

Each Sunday session will be recorded and available for one week enabling personal practice as the 8 week session unfolds. We will examine various layers of the practice from the yogic overview, to the science of sleep, to working with intention.

The ultimate in self care,
please join for this journey into harmonic well being.
It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself.

WINTER 2022 dates TBA

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