Inspiring Zoom Offerings


CULTIVATING COHERENCE: Tuesday, November 24th at 7pm
ARE YOUR DEVICES HURTING YOU? How to stay safer in an Online Age: Thursday, November 26th at 7pm
ROLL ON IN: Saturday, December 5th at 2pm
CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATH: Thursday, December 10th at 7pm

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If you are not participating in the fall session, please join the breathing classes by donation; the two-hour body rolling class cost is $42.
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CULTIVATING COHERENCE: A Breathing Practice for Anxiety
Tuesday, November 24th at 7pm ~ 75 minutes
Anxiety is a healthy and natural evolutionary response to stress. The challenge in the conditions of our modern world now amplified by a pandemic is to remain equanimous – steady and centred in the storm. Through understanding the power of breath to regulate our physiology, we will explore patterns of breath to re-establish whole body harmony and delve into rhythms of our breathing cycle as a conscious key to self regulate.

ARE YOUR DEVICES HURTING YOU? How to stay safer in an Online Age
Thursday, November 26th at 7pm ~ 75 minutes
An invisible flow of electrical activity supports all the vital functions of our bodies: our heart beat and brain, our digestion, metabolism and movement,
growth, even our thoughts. We are electrical beings! When the electrical fields of our bodies are disrupted our health is impacted. My Maui friend and colleague, Debra Greene, PhD, taught me some very important yet simple ways to safety proof my cell phone when we were together in Mexico a couple years ago. I've been actively using what she taught me ever since. Now I've invited her to share that with you, and so much more!

ROLL ON IN: Body Ball Rolling to Dissolve Density and Enliven the Layers
Saturday, December 5th at 2pm ~ 2 hours
Using balls of varying size and firmness, we will explore layers of the body through a diversity of techniques. Working with the spine and the shoulder girdle, the gluts and the quads, this two hour session will include a brief webinar on fascia (connective tissue) and transition from practices that explore deep layers using firmer pressure to more subtle practices exploring light touch and breath. This work liberates space and brings new possibilities to optimize alignment.

Thursday, December 10th at 7pm ~ 75 minutes
This meditative practice links the phases of breath into a steady flow. Eliminating the pauses in the cycle of breath cultivates calm and promotes presence. Based on the Presence Process, we will integrate a Mantra into the practice to steady the mind and invite the intelligence of breath to emanate through the whole body. This practice contributes to resilience in the nervous system, promotes emotional integration and beckons serenity to take a seat in our soul.