Special Zoom Offerings


MITRA MEDITATION: Wednesday, October 7th at 7pm
RADIANT BREATH: Thursday, October 15th at 11am
MITRA & TENSEGRITY: Tuesday, October 20th at 10am
YOGA NIDRA: Thursday, October 29th at 8pm

For students registered in the fall session, please choose your class(es).
If you are not participating in the fall session, please join any special class and offer a donation ~ Thank you.

Mitra & Meditation: Wednesday, October 7th at 7pm (BackMitra optimal but not essential)
Please join me for a 60-minute class exploring meditative sequences on the BackMitra. Delving into layers of sensation through the subtle movement of breath, we will unwind stress and tension in the back body and free the breath. As we rest onto the mitra, the direct pressure on the spine alleviates holdings and helps mobilize the spine to further free the breath.

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Radiant Breath: Thursday, October 15th at 11am
Belly breathing invites the natural full range of the diaphragm, the dome-shaped main breathing muscle dividing the thorax and the abdomen.  If the belly is restricted, the diaphragm is inhibited and every system of the body is deregulated: digestion is compromised, circulation of all bodily fluids constrained, and the nervous system becomes guarded. This is all involuntary – outside of conscious control, until we embrace belly breathing as a conscious practice. When we soften the belly centre and allow breath to descend into the pelvic basin, we tone the parasympathetic nervous system and remember relaxation. Only once we are able to relax are we able to cultivate a strong, integral core. Feeling our breath unites body and mind, conscious and unconscious, visible and invisible.
Join me for this radiant breath practice and re-member yourself.

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Mitra & Tensegrity: Tuesday, October 20th at 10am
This beautiful alternation of elevating the lower spine in tensegrity practice, and opening the thoracic spine with the BackMitra results in a profound release into the back body. Based on Gioia Irwin’s brilliant work to create an even tone throughout the body, the tensegrity repair series is based on 26 meditative movements while resting into the back body. We cultivate fluidity, connecting from the navel centre to the end points as we flow though sequences with the legs and arms elevated.
The BackMitra work allows the shoulder girdle to release on the ribcage, liberating the mid-back and neck. With our computer postures, most people have a forward head position and collapsed chest; the mitra widens breath and opens the heart.

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Yoga Nidra ~ Gateway to our True Nature ~ Thursday, October 29th at 8pm
Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation to invoke relaxation and invite you into a dimension deeper than thought. Mimicking our biological sleep cycle, this ancient practice induces brain coherence through down-regulating brainwave frequencies. Learn about the technique and enjoy a 45 minute practice to experience ease and a deep sense of well being.

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