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"Through your teaching, I discovered different new ways to observe my body, my heart and my soul." Elise
"I enjoyed learning about our core at last evening's webinar. Thank you again for a very interesting and valuable session. I wish I knew you when I studied Anatomy and Physiology at College. Your experiential components really enhance understanding and retention of the concepts!" Donna
"Being in your classes always guides me in how to continue to grow and develop as a teacher. I am always in awe with you Sharon, you are a leading example of how one can never stop learning." Alexandra

ZOOM 2022: January 10th - March 6th ~ 8 Week Session
(Webinar(s) included with various packages)

VITAL FLOW: Mondays from 5:30 - 7pm
CHAIR YOGA & MEDITATION: Wednesdays from 10am - 11am
GENTLE THERAPEUTICS: Wednesdays from 5pm - 6:30pm
RESTORATIVE YIN YOGA & BREATH: Thursdays from 8pm - 9pm
TENSEGRITY & MITRA: Saturdays from 9:15 - 10:30am
BACKMITRA & CORE IGNITION: Sundays from 4pm - 5pm

Vital Flow: Mondays at 5:30pm (January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28)
90-minute class
Establishing a conscious connection through breath and gravity this dynamic class begins gently and blends core activation, with a 40-minute vitalizing movement sequence before a deep stretch. Fostering a sense of calm and enhancing resilience in the nervous system, you can expect to feel vitalized and relaxed after this class.

Chair Yoga & Meditation: Wednesdays at 10am (January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2)
60-minute class
Chair yoga offers many possibilities to ground, strengthen the core, mobilize the spine and enliven the body. Establishing gratitude as your foundation let this practice further your capacity to self-regulate and more deeply connect to your breath. As we learn to relax our bodies and soften into ourselves, yoga supports a refinement of perception, an expansive sense of being alive, and a heart opening return to love.

Gentle Therapeutics: Wednesdays at 5pm (January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2)
90-minute class
Harmonizing the nervous system, this gentle class is safe and slow moving; students are supported to work at their own level. Through conscious breathing and allowing the body to be, tensions soften and awareness awakens.  This therapeutic approach to yoga induces the relaxation response and invokes tranquility at every level.

Restorative Yin Yoga & Breath: Thursdays at 8pm (January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3)
60-minute class
Restorative Yin Yoga & Breath is a beautiful hour of unwinding.
We invite breath to soften and expand inner space as we explore breathing rhythms while resting still in various Yin Yoga postures. You choose how much support is optimal and how much opening is welcome as you tune into your body, shifting from thinking and doing into feeling and being. We start seated to ground, align and become aware of breath as it is, then cultivate the 5:5 resonant breath. After exploring various ratios of breath including gentle pauses and breath retentions in 6-8 postures, we complete with a reclining pranayama before I guide you into Savasana and bid you Namaste.

Tensegrity & Mitra: Saturdays at 9:15am (January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5)
75-minute class
This beautiful alternation of elevating the pelvis in the tensegrity sequence and opening the thoracic spine with the BackMitra results in a profound release of the back body. Based on Gioia Irwin’s brilliant work to create an even tone throughout the body, the tensegrity repair series is based on 26 meditative movements. We cultivate fluidity, connecting from the navel centre to the end points as we flow though sequences with the legs and arms elevated.

BackMitra & Core Ignition: Sundays at 4pm (January 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, 20, 27, March 6)
60-minute class
Using this brilliant prop, your spine will feel limber and alive. Ease tension in your whole body and invite the relaxation response to reduce stress. Incorporating a supine and a prone core ignition sequence, this class will leave you centred, energized and empowered. The BackMitra work allows the shoulder girdle to release on the ribcage, liberating the mid-back and neck. With our computer postures, most people have a forward head position and collapsed chest; the mitra widens breath and opens the heart.

Weekly class $135 + GST = $141.75 (includes one webinar)
Bi-Weekly classes $235 + GST = $246.75 (includes 2 webinars)
All-In Pass $295 + GST = $309.75 (includes 2 webinars and workshop)

Pricing prorated weekly

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