1 on 1 Sessions

image-Sharon AbbondanzaOneonOneThese sessions provide an opportunity to enhance awareness, access personal insight, increase vitality and nourish confidence, courage and joy. Attending the body with tenderness, learn to release patterns of holding through mind-ful breathing practices and gentle posture practice.

In your home or mine, sessions can be booked on a one time basis or a scheduled on-going basis. No experience is required, just a willingness. Personalized attention translates into a unique session  that weaves together meditation, restorative yoga, yoga therapy,  deep relaxation and  inspiring education. As awareness is the key to transformation, every session begins with grounding and breath.  Through experiential anatomy, an integration of body and mind, breath is used as a bridge to awaken a felt sense of connection in the body.

There is a blueprint of health within you, ever available. Regardless of your ability or health condition, Yoga has something significant to offer; It may be your map and key to wholeheartedly participate in your own well-being and navigate your way to optimal health. Working one on one in private sessions facilitates conscious connection and deepens understanding.

Discover your own resources…
Engage wholeheartedly in your own healing process…
Open the door to love ~