Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art, integrating the ancient science of yoga with contemporary body-mind understanding. Access a deeper level of personal insight and recover a creative path of empowerment and healing.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic and intelligent approach to yoga that provides a comprehensive scope of skills and tools. Consistent with all yoga, this approach is based in cultivating presence, and learning to deeply relax and connect to breath. Paving the way to wholeness, yoga therapy is the practical application of the art and science of healing.

Yoga Therapy offers the skilful means to attend a diverse range of conditions, from low back pain to depression, from heart conditions to a broken heart. For example, if you have long suffered from low back pain but have no understanding of your pelvic alignment, you might go to many practitioners and many yoga classes and never address the underlying imbalance that holds the golden key to wellness. If you have a strong torsion in your pelvis, discomfort and dysfunction are inevitable. Although none of us are symmetrical, in yoga therapy we seek to optimize alignment to create more space and ease in the body.

The protocol that I follow for Yoga Therapy is:
1.    Release & Relax
2.    Connect & Align
3.    Re-pattern
4.    Enliven & Elongate
5.    Stabilize & Strengthen
6.    Build Endurance
7.    Create Tensegrity: Balance Mobility and Stability








Each branch of this system is extensive. The foundation of yoga states the mind and body are not separate. When we create space in the body, we create space in the mind and vice versa. We investigate the body as a gateway to the more subtle experiences of inner life and embark on a journey of integration. Through an understanding of anatomy and physiology we establish not only an embodied connection, but also a profound appreciation of our miraculous form. As we awaken the intelligence of the body, we enter into the realm of the mind, emotions and spirit and have a direct experience of our multi-dimensionality. From the fullness of this awakening aliveness, we have access to heal our personal stories and attend our lives with a sense of empowerment and purpose.

The adversities in life do not disappear,
but our capacity to live skilfully, stay present and find peace deepens.